GET FREE TAXI - get a free ride for purchase

31.08.2017 - 30.11.2017
New comfort level for the customers of Kuntsevo Plaza!
All our customers can now use the GETT Taxi services just taking part in GET FREE TAXI promo. Shop for an amount of and over 10 000 Rubles, and you will get a 40-minute GETT taxi ride as a gift.

To use the free ride, you shall come carrying the check(s) for the amount of 10, 000 Rbl, to the Information Desk, where you will receive a coupon for a ride. A Kuntsevo Plaza employee (receptionist) will make your order in the online account, and your taxi will arrive within 15 minutes. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the target address shall be specified immediately at the Information Desk and may not be changed during the ride.

To take part in the promo, you shall keep the check(s) for purchasing the goods and/or services and the detachable coupon section with the number (that will remain with the participant) and shall be personally present during the promo.
Checks for amounts of and over 10 000 Rbl. for the purchases made strictly in the promo period, will take part in the promo.
Checks for the purchases made on the same day shall be cumulative up if each of the checks to be summed up is equal to or exceeds 1 500 Rbl.
Check of less than 1 500 Rbl. will not be cumulative.

The below stated do not take part in the promo:
  • Operations on the cancelled/returned purchases;
  • Operations related to replenishment of the accounts of the cellular phone and bank card, payment of the Internet, TV, utilities, as well as services not provided in the Centers territory;
  • Shopping in Auchan Hypermarket.

The promo runs within the period from September 01, 2017 to November 30, 2017 inclusively with its potential extension.

Detailed rules for the promotion can be found here.

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